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Mobile Devices Technician Course (Cellphones & Tablets)

A student that successfully completed the course requirements, will receive a certificate stating he or she is a “Certified Mobile Technician” recognized by the “Israeli Association for Cellular Technicians”.
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Mobile Devices Technician Course (Cellphones & Tablets)

Course Syllabus:
What is “Communication”?

Cellular Networks and Bandwidth.

History (how the Cellular communication began).

Analogue and Digital signals (Pros, Cons & differences).

Main Tools for the Cellular Technician & Technical approach to fixing cellular devices.
*Including disassemble & reassemble devices.

Basics of Electronics & Electricity.

Recognizing and knowing the different parts on the mainboard of Cellphones and Tablets.

Electronic Scheme & special diagnostic equipment.

Soldering (THT & SMT).
A. Getting to know the soldering iron.
B. Basics to soldering technics & operating procedures.
C. Soldering THT kit from start to end.
D. Removing Electronic components from an actual device main board.
E. Soldering Electronic components to an actual device main board.
F. Practicing.

Understanding the hardware of the Cellular and Tablet devices.
* Bootloader, Rom, UI, Kernel and more.

Operating systems (Android & iOS).
Incl, Special operating modes (Recovery, DFU, Download etc.).
Understanding “Rooting” or “Jailbreaking” the operating system.
Bypassing various device lock methods (Screen lock, FRP, etc.).

Technical software and Apps to help technicians to diagnose and solve problems.
Flash ROM file to a device.
Backup & Sync.

Securing & protecting cellular devices from malicious codes or Hacker attacks.

At the end of the course, a test consisting of two parts, will be given.
The first part is a written multiple-answer test, and the second part is a “Real life” Simulation where students will be asked to diagnose and fix a malfunction in a “Live” cellular phone.

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