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Rolling Admission

We accept participants on a rolling admission basis, year-round. Contact us to learn more about how Free Spirit creates positive change in adolescents’ lives.

We realize that your family might be experiencing real-time crisis which you couldn’t plan for. We believe that even during these critical times, offering choice to your teen is an important first step. Participants on this track may arrive at Free Spirit within a few days of first contact (times may change due to COVID policies and travel restrictions), and stay for 10 weeks or more. Typically, they join our community in the kibbutz and may have additional individualized programming. We find it best to talk directly in order to figure out whether we are a good fit for your need.


Please reach out at or try us at +972 (54) 595.3234 (also receiving iMessage, FaceTime/Audio, and WhatsApp).

Some integrate into our summer program if the timing is right.   

Click here to see what a 'typical' day in the program looks like.

"Free Spirit means a lot to me, it is a huge part of who I am today. Free spirit taught me more than I ever thought I could learn in 3 months. It was very challenging in the beginning but as I learned skills and started to see Free Spirit as a home rather than a place my parents sent me to, it came easy to me. The staff members at free spirit are a huge part of that, each one of them have something different that is great and unique about them. I have accomplished so much since I was at Free Spirit and it definitely played a huge part in why I am able to handle many of the situations I may be in or life throws at me. Free Spirit will always hold a very special place in my heart, as well as every staff member there."

Noa, Canada

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