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יום ד׳, 26 ביולי



Educational Consultants Visit - July 2023

Join us on a journey like no other, covering 3 countries starting in Israel, then Cyprus and the grand-finale in Italy!

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Educational Consultants Visit - July 2023
Educational Consultants Visit - July 2023

תאריך ומקום

26 ביולי 2023, 19:30 – 02 באוג׳ 2023, 10:00



על הכנס

We will tour our international programs and facilities in Israel, Cyprus and Italy. Your trip begins at our Kibbutz Hazorea campus in Israel, visiting our main campus and a few other locations and activities. We will then take a short flight to Cyprus for a visit to our newest facility near the city of Larnaca. After that, it's onto Italy, where you'll get an insight into some incredible initiatives by Free Spirit and our local partners, Kamaleonte.


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