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About Us

Nestled in the greater area of North-Central Israel, Free Spirit Experience founded in 2015. Free Spirit programs are a community within the greater Kibbutz village, with dorms, kitchen and club, and ample area for work and play. We often venture out and travel within Israel and also away on the Mediterranean and in Italy.  

Our programs for youth and young adults welcome participants from around the globe who are ready to engage in a meaningful experience away from home. Our unique philosophy focuses on each participant’s own goals, motivation and interests, while working together as a living community where you explore your role and values and help people around you.

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Our 2022 first semester begins January 09, 2022
*​Next semester - Sep. 05th

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Summer Program 2022 begins June 20th.

The Programs at Free Spirit Experience

 We offer young-adult and teen programs year-round, including an incredible, meaningful and fun summer program, a gap-year program in two semesters, and rolling admission programs for the unexpected crisis. For our participants’ parents and families we also offer a family week filled with challenging and productive experiences. 


Gap Year

Free Spirit offers a full gap year (September to May) program, designed for Young Adults, ages 18-24 who wish to have a successful transition into young adulthood.
We also offer a single semester experience (September to December or January to May), that includes the focal component of our gap year process, without the internship.

Summer Program

Our Summer experience may be appropriate for teen during her or his school vacation. It is geared for teens experiencing similar issues, who typically manage to get by during the school year, paying an internal price of self-criticism and conflicts with the world around them. Some  of our teens are transitioning through schools or living situations, and come to Free Spirit to enable a smoother and successful transition


Rolling Admission

We accept participants on a rolling admission basis, all year round. Contact us to learn more about how Free Spirit creates positive changes in adolescents’ lives.

"Free Spirit means a lot to me, it is a huge part of who I am today. Free spirit taught me more than I ever thought I could learn somewhere in 3 months, it was very challenging in the beginning but as I learnt skills and started to see Free Spirit as a home rather than a place my parents were sending me, it came easy to me. The staff members at free spirit are a huge part of that, each one of them have something different that is great and unique about them. I have accomplished so much since I was at Free Spirit and it definitely played a huge part in why I am able to handle many of the situations I may be in or life throws at me. Free Spirit will always hold a very special place in my heart, as well as every staff member there."

Noa, Canada

Our Location

Free Spirit Experience is located in Kibbutz Hazore’a, a picturesque living Kibbutz community on the Carmel mountain range near Haifa in the north-central part of Israel. Our small campus on the Kibbutz provides for a community within a community feel with separate girls and boys dorms, a kitchen-club and an incredible area for work and play. From the Kibbutz we venture out to local hikes as well as trips and expeditions all over Israel, sailing on the Mediterranean to Cyprus, and longer periods exploring Italy.


Our Philosophy

The basis for our philosophy is the Challenge-by-Choice principal. We work hard to deserve the trust of our participants and help them take charge of their own lives. This is how we to facilitate real lasting change that is not dependent on our structure but, instead, represents changes within in terms of motivation, competence, passion, self-discipline, relationships, emotional self-regulation, and executive skills. 
“Self Determination Theory“ states that in order to grow positively we all need to feel Relatedness (to belong and connect), Competence (we are able to achieve our goals), Autonomous (our choices determine our reality), and Meaningful (being valuable to others, for example)
Finally, we believe that in order to move forward, we all need to communicate with meaningful persons in our lives, parents and sometimes other people. There is great value in processing the past, recognizing the present, and setting forth a plan for the next step forward.

If you have questions about anything you just read, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. The staff at Free Spirit Experience is ready to help.

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Kibbutz Hazorea, 3658100, Israel