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Open Valley Yoqneam/Ramat Yshai

Live in the Kibbutz area and work in an open space to develop your idea for a start-up, book, music, and more.

Open Valley Yoqneam/Ramat Yshai

Welcome to open Valley
Where entrepreneurs, startups, and organizations receive so much more than just a comfortable co-working space.
OpenValley Yokneam is located at the center of Yokneam

Commercial Park, just a few minutes drive from the closest train station and near a major transportation line. The G Mall is located close by, with various shops, cafés, and restaurants. This workspace covers 1,000m2 and holds up to 150 seating spaces.

OpenValley founders and mentors offer its residents professional guidance on a variety of business growth aspects.

Creating fruitful business connections between companies within and outside the OpenValley community.

OpenValley founders and mentors assist entrepreneurs with fundraising tactics and introductions to potential investors based on their proven knowledge and broad networks.

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